Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Minimalist Design

The Minimalist design is one that can be adopted from the modern and the retro as well. The whole idea is one of looking at the world and then expressing your view. The biggest difference between this style and the others is that the other styles try to create an idea and the minimalist style is an idea in itself.

This form of decorating started after the Second World War and the basic idea was to cut short on extravagance and keep only what was needed. The latest idea is also based on these ideas but there are some rules that have been relaxed. In fact it considers a home as a place away from all the chaos of the world.

The first step in this form of designing is to keep only those pieces of furniture and elements of designs that are of some use. An example would be when walls are dropped to make way for bigger rooms. It may not always be feasible but if there is an option then you are already at an advantage. If this is not a possibility then you will have to make do with all that you have to create the same feel.

The main goal of this form of decorating styles is to create a space for you to live. This is achieved by removing all the unnecessary things. The choice of colors is usually ones that are subtle, preferably white. Because of the use of whites, light is in plenty and every feature of the room becomes visible. The use of texture is minimum and at times even absent. The flooring is made of wood and the kitchen cabinets are also made of matching material. There are no additions of ornaments and it is the light that brightens the features of the house.

There is no collection of artifacts instead maybe one or two flaunting geometric shapes. Even the electronic equipment chosen should be there for their utility. Every thing that is chosen for the house should be carefully assembled and you need to make sure that no space is wasted. When enough space is given to all your furniture the ambiance is enhanced. All you need to do is to have respect for the space in your home and you will see that the beauty of each piece of furniture will be worth looking at.

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