Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Minimalistic Web Design

Minimalistic web design focuses on the essentials on your website, getting rid of the clutter and so can achieve better results. Consider using a minimalist site to accomplish your objectives.

Many things on most websites are unnecessary - they look attractive or are interesting reading but don't really accomplish anything specific. Minimalism on the other hand focuses almost exclusively on the key points. Graphics are kept to a minimum on sites where they are unimportant but if the site is a photography portfolio, for example, then practically the whole site is photos but often displayed in such a way that one photograph captures your attention.

By focussing on the key points, minimalist sites achieve what they set out to achieve.

Quick Loading

Another advantage of these websites is that they generally load very quickly due to the lack of clutter and since Google is now including a page load time in their search engine optimization criteria this is becoming increasingly important. De-clutter your page by focussing on the specifics and see how it can affect your search engine optimization results.


Because there is less work to be done on a minimalist site you are also likely to pay less. If your web designer has the ideas then these websites should be relatively quick and easy to design.

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